Survival Emergency Situations – The Emergence of the Natural Leader in Crisis Chaos

Many people say that leaders are born, although there have been enough psychological research papers and projects confirming that most likely leaders are made. Of course, there still seems to be an element of nature over nurture and it is something that has baffled the best of them for centuries. One of the most interesting situations where natural leaders emerge is during times of life or death crisis. Humans in a group caught with life or death choices which require cooperation for survival of the group and the individual demonstrate some rather interesting results.

Perhaps, you have seen the genre in the movies where people are trapped in a collapsed tunnel, stuck in a jungle after a plane crash or are battling some freak event of nature. These movies generally get it right and their story writers have perhaps also read stories of survival and psychological research papers on the subject because these movies depict what generally happens. A leader amongst the group emerges, others challenge that leader and sub-plots thicken in the primate political world of survival.

And maybe this is why such TV reality series capture our imagination and fascination. Survivor is one reality TV show which seems to show some of this in a simulated environment, a virtual or augmented reality, where survivors must work together as a group even if some of them must eventually lose or fail. These TV shows give us human behavior at its best and worst, but make no mistake in survival and emergency situations there will always be the emergence of a natural leader in any life or death group scenario. Please consider this because it’s real.

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